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About Us

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Born on the West Coast, Foghead project came to the mind of our creators on December 2012. The project began with a silly idea while our mixologist was using e-juice to refill e-cig cartridges. By deciding to mix more than one standard e-juice on the same cartridge, to obtain a non-conventional flavor the idea of innovating e-juice flavors was implanted in our goals.

In that moment Fog Head was born. With the idea of creating a brand with unique flavors, the best nicotine and diluents that could satisfy vaping users.

We then embarked in a 6-month period. During that period our mixologist developed our signature flavors. By a strenuous trial in where a series of blind taste tests took place with a variety of vaping consumers. A total of 10 variations of each flavor were developed. To ultimately obtain the 13 flavors we proudly offer you.

Fog Head is part of the “E” division of Abduco Industries Inc. , a FDA registered Medical device distributor. Developed by a specialist, registered with the California State board of Pharmacy and a trajectory of over 10 years of Pharmaceutical compounding. FogHead is strictly developed with USP 797 guidelines. So you can freely vape without concern. Inspired by Nordic mythology FogHead flavors were designed for curious vapers. Every flavor of our line is created with a mixture of 10 different flavors in a single bottle.  So you can discover a new mixture at the price of a conventional flavor.

FogHead a proudly American brand invites you to Sail the High Seas with us.

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