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  • Oseberg Strawberry Saltwater Taffy

    Oseberg Strawberry Saltwater TaffyOseberg Strawberry Saltwater Taffy

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    Oseberg Strawberry Saltwater Taffy


     Creamy Strawberry Saltwater Taffy

    • 15ml tamper sealed bottle with childproof dropper 
    • USP Ingredients
    • Made in USA      

    • About this flavor and its name 

    *Oseberg is the perfect mix of candy and strawberries created for people with a sweet tase. 

    *Named after the Viking ship Oseberg which can be found in Norway.  

    • Ingredients:

      Propylene Glycol USP, Vegetable Glycerin USP, Water, Flavoring and may contain nicotine if marked. Diacetyl free.


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